The difficulty of withdrawals from opiates

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Getting past day 4 of opiate detoxification


For those of you who are wanting to change your life and final quite opiates for good, then there are definitely some things that you will want to be aware of. First off, if you relapse, don’t quite, just realize that you are human and try again.


The biggest pitfall of any user who is trying to quit drugs is that they think that if they fail once then they are a failure and give up. This is simply not true. If you have a relapse, then understand that you are human but don’t just give up completely, recommit yourself to improving your life and try again.


Another big mistake that users make when trying to quit opiates is that they try to quit completely cold turkey. It is much more effective if you try to taper your intake of opiates so that when you finally quit, your body isn’t used to taking strong doses.


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Another thing that users need to be aware of is that quitting opiates is absolutely miserable initially. You will probably experience 4 or 5 days that will test your will to quite in the extreme. Quitting opiates can cause physical pain and the user needs to know all of the withdrawal symptoms timeline, before quitting so that the user understands what to expect.


Once you have tapered off of high doses of the opiate, then you can start considering taking some medicines that are designed to help with the withdrawal process or you can use some common home remedies.


For anyone who is looking to quit opiates, I highly recommend checking out . This website has a lot of great information on what to expect from days 1 – 5 of opiate detoxification. The site also provides some helpful information on what types of symptoms commonly occur from days one to five.


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